The Deborah Laxton School of Dance provides the chance for the children to take the Royal Academy of Dance Examinations in ballet if they so wish. They must, however, be taking 2 ballet classes a week in preparation for this and the teacher will decide when the child is ready.

With the Royal Academy of Dance an external Examiner is sent from the Royal Academy of Dance and takes the exam session. The standard is high and the children are expected to show a good knowledge of the syllabus, controlled technique and a good sense of movement. If they are successful they will receive a certificate from the Royal Academy of Dance. So far, over the 20 years that the school has been operating there has been 100% pass rate.

The school also provides its own exam session for the children who for one reason or another do not want to take the R.A.D. exam – but at least this way they can receive a certificate to say that they have participated in and have covered the work in their specific grade. . Whichever they take it gives the children a goal to aim for and a real sense of achievement when they have reached it.

The Royal Academy of Dance has come to represent the very highest standard in the teaching of classical ballet. It is the largest and most influential examining body for classical ballet in the world

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