Frequently Asked Questions


How and when can I register?

To register please e mail [email protected]  for the relevant forms and to discuss the class most appropriate for your child(ren). You can also find a link to a contact form at the bottom of this page.

Registration into The Deborah Laxton School of Dance is not limited to once a year!

For all new students you can register at ANY TIME – registration is ongoing throughout the year. Fees will be adjusted accordingly from when you start.

How much is registration?

There is a ONE TIME ONLY registration fee of $25 for a single child or $30 for a family.

Classes at Rocky Ridge Ranch are NOT limited to just residents.

Registration Fees are non-refundable 

Registration is complete once the first semesters payment, registration fee, registration forms and waiver form have been received.

What are the payment options?

There are two ways of paying the fees.

PER SEMESTER or IN FULL FOR THE YEAR (this way you receive a discounted rate of 5%).


For a 30 minute class – fees will be $120.00 per semester  =10 weeks
For a 45 minute class – fees will be $150.00 per semester  =10 weeks
For a  1 hour class – fees will be $170.00 per semester  =10 weeks

The fees will be due at the end of each previous semester for the forthcoming session, unless you are new to the school then you will pay the fees at registration or at the start of the first class.

OPTION 2.  FOR THE YEAR  –  Plus 5% Discount

For a 30 minute class  – the fees  for the full dance year will be $360 – 5% discount (a saving of $18) Total Due = $342.00
For a 45 minute class  – the fees for the full dance year will be $450  – 5% discount (a saving of $22.50) Total Due = $427.50
For a 1 hour class  the fees for the full dance year will be $510 – 5% discount (a saving of $25) Total Due = $485.00

Payment must be made on or before the 1st September – this must include the registration fee for the year.

I love saving money. Tell me about the discounts!

There will be a discount of 5% off the second class if a child takes 2 classes a week and 10% off if that child takes a third class per week.

Family Discount – applicable when more than 2 classes are taken.

Referral Programme – tell your friends about The Deborah Laxton School of Dance and when they sign up you will get a credit on your account.

Class Info

Do you have adult classes?


Hour Long Classes
$200 – 10 classes = $20 per class
$540 – Full Year Tuition – 30 classes  = $18 per class
$25.00 – Single drop-in

45 Minute Lessons
$175 – 10 classes  –  $17.50 per class
$472.50 – (includes 10% discount)

How are your semesters divided?

We Run 3 full semesters over the course of a year:

New Fall Semester  =  19th September 2017   = 10 weeks of classes

Semester 2 = January 2018 – March 2017 = 10 weeks of classes

Semester 3 = April 2018 – June 2018 = 10 weeks of classes

* Please Note: There will  be NO CLASSES held on any public holiday

What's your withdraw/cancellation policy?
One full semesters notice is required to be given in writing prior to your child(ren) leaving the dance school.  You will be charged for the following semester if you failed to give the required notice.
Withdrawal notification MUST be given in writing – either letter by hand to the Principal or e mail.  Voicemails are NOT acceptable.
Waiver Information

The Deborah Laxton School of Dance does not assume liability and is hereby released by the participant from any and all losses or claims arising from his/her participation in any classes and any lost or stolen property and personal injury sustained.

Class Numbers

The Deborah Laxton School of Dance reserves the right to cancel any class if there is an insufficient number of children signed up. If this is the  case then your fees will be returned to you for that class and an alternative offered if available.

Free Trial

Try a class for free!  If you are not sure which class is best for your child or yourself come along and try a class for free to see if it is what you would like to do.

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