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The Deborah Laxton School of Dance was founded in 1990 in the UK and built up over the years to approximately 500 pupils, with past pupils attending various Dance Colleges in the UK. Deborah has now moved to Calgary and is teaching in the Northwest of Calgary at the ROCKY RIDGE RANCH CENTRE, Rocky Ridge Blvd. The school is relatively new and started in NW Calgary in 2013.

In the UK The Deborah Laxton School of Dance prided itself on the friendliness of the pupils and staff that attended and it quickly became known as ‘one big happy family’ – all the children from all grades knew each other so well that it made it a lovely place to teach.
Deborah made it her personal goal to teach and also to get to know every single child throughout the school and now she is in Calgary she hopes to keep it the same. Deborah believes greatly in focusing on quality training and personal attention and ensuring that the students – both young and old – enjoy their dance classes.

She has found that over the years many students, and parents, just wanted to enjoy learning without the pressure of competitions.
Royal Academy of Dance Examinations are a part of the schools’ curriculum when and if the student is ready.
Over the past 24 years of teaching in the UK The Deborah Laxton School of Dance obtained and kept an outstanding 100% exam pass rate with the Royal Academy of Dancing.
Many past students went on to dance at Reputable Dance Schools and Colleges in the UK as well as Theatre Schools.

All the classes are well structured and aim to improve and develop such skills as co-ordination, technique, poise, rhythm and self-confidence.

What Deb Laxton’s customers say:

My daughter really enjoys princess ballet with Deborah Laxton, she is a wonderful teacher and we are blessed to have her in royal oak!

Erin Carriere

The Deborah Laxton School of Dance is outstanding and the difference we have seen in our children Georgie and Jack is priceless. They have gained so much, they are more confident, more aware of their bodies and what they can do but above all they have fun and enjoy each class. We have now put them in twice a week each because they love it so much. We would highly recommend this school. Debbie is amazing with all ages, girls and boys and so devoted and dedicated to this school, each child is treated individually and taught at their pace and encouraged in a way that makes them feel special

Claire Girvan

Our son and daughter absolutely love going to see “Miss Deb”. The confidence she’s instilled in them is super impressive and we love how excited they are to go to her classes and equally happy to share what they’ve learned when they get home.

Heather Dutkiewicz

I would highly recommend The Deborah Laxton School of Dance. My children have been both attending this dance school for 4 years. The school is absolutely outstanding. Deborah is so wonderful with the children. She has over 25 years teaching experience and it shows. Deborah teaches all the classes her self and treats each child as a individual student. Deborah wants to bring out the best in my children and she will go above and beyond to make sure each child feels valued special. Deborah is very caring and it does not matter what the child’s ability is, she will work with the child’s needs.
I love that Deborah believes that every child should be able to dance no matter their ability. I love that its affordable, The recital at the end of term is also budget friendly and the children are not focused on competitions but focused on the joy of dancing. Deborah is extremely professional and we feel blessed to be part of her dance school. The dance school is very family friendly. Above all else my children boy and girl have fun and come out smiling and thats what it’s all about.

Claire Thompson

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